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Spending a Special Time with Someone Special

Spending a Special Time with Someone Special


Christmas in Japan seems to be filled with events for couples.

Even though we’ve gotten married (which in our case means “dates” are fewer and farther between), we still set aside some time this holiday season to go out just the two of us. To Kobe we go!




Since a monolithic Christmas tree had been erected within walking distance from JR Motomachi Station, it would be rather Grinchy of us to go without seeing it.




Indeed, not only the tree, but many other sightseeing opportunities are packed within the environs of Motomachi Station. This time around, we snacked in Chinatown (Nankinmachi), walked to the Kobe City Museum where there was a joint ukiyo-e and Van Gogh exhibit, and then once it got dark we wandered over to Meriken Park to see the Christmas tree.




The above picture is Chinatown’s main street in Motomachi. This alley lined with red lanterns seems to stretch on forever with shops on both sides and delicious food every where you look. Just strolling along and taking it all in is a good time.

Here’s a picture of a Peking duck sandwich we bought from the restaurant and street vendor, Kaho. Saucy, sweet, and savory goodness (not to mention crunchy, thanks to the duck skin). Like a shooting star, this sandwich was here and gone in an instant.




Although there are no pictures of the museum, here’s a shot of a mural we found on the way to Meriken Park, showcasing Kobe’s openness to art.





It seems like everything in Kobe is upscale, from the people, the brand-name stores and luxury cars, the renowned beef and all the classy restaurants, to, of course, the opulent night views. We were taken aback by how chic it all was, our eyes big like Christmas ornaments.

But most of all, the most arresting aspect about this trip to Kobe for us was the joy we saw on so many faces. Everybody looked so content, and even on this frigid day it could thaw out even the most frozen of hearts.




We brought our cameras and phones in hopes to capture a snapshot of a special moment (“For next year’s Christmas Card”, we said). But this night was more about what you can capture with your heart than with a camera. This trip will always be a lovely memory, a reminder of a splendid 2017, thanks to all of the people warming others with their holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas to everyone around the world!