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About Us

international couple

1. Who We Are
2. How This Site Was Born
3. Get In Touch

1. Who We Are


今は大阪に住んでいます。 いずれはハワイに住むかもしれません。
➡︎ 2019年4月現在、奥さん絶賛妊娠中❗️

Packrat Japan is a website devoted to connecting Japan with the rest of the world, a goal which we strive toward every day. Our blog is a collaboration between Japanese wife and American husband, mainly written from the former’s perspective.

We have yet to become parents. It is a dream of ours to foster a big, Japanese-American family at some point. As of now we live in Osaka, but who knows where we might live in the future! We defintely aren’t ruling out Hawaii, where many Japanese and Americans coexist in hula-dancing, ukulele-playing harmony. Oh, and we freakin’ love gyoza.


Wife -Yui
Her Backstory: Born and raised in Wakayama, she’s a veritable Kansai-jin! After graduating from university in Kyoto, she devoted 6 years of her precious youth working for a origin-based tourism bureau which caters to inbound guests. She’ll have you know that she holds the nationally certified Travel Supervisor’s License. She met her husband through a childhood friend of hers and she believes the secret of success for an international couple is honesty.


Husband – Joe
His Backstory: Born and raised in Florida, he’s a summertime boy and a full-fledged America-jin. Since his college days, he’s immersed himself in ancient languages like Greek and Latin, and is afflicted with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. At last it was Japanese he settled on with its history-laden script and, bewitched by the sorcery of Japanese novels, he ventured to Japan. He spends his time teaching English and translating Japanese. He loves fiction and his wife (and yes, he’s hoping to get kudos for writing that).

2.How This Site Was Born


When my husband lived in America, he was enthralled with Japanese culture and literature. Yet upon searching the internet, the only information in English about these topics was scant, and even then it was tired and old.

I want to read Japanese! he thought, and although hunting for novels written in Japanese he couldn’t figure out where to buy them. He wanted to hire a native Japanese tutor, but it was no easy feat finding a trustworthy person. In this way, he struggled to get his otaku hands on the infomation he so earnestly desired. With the idea that many others may be having the same issues, we wanted to develop a website that would make their lives easier.

3.Get In Touch

We accept inquiries via the Contact Form.